Heads of Cards is a collection of globally renowned characters pictured on a deck of cards. The deck of cards will be available on the Cardano blockchain as collectibles and all (13) ranks of the French suits represents a unique famous person: Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, Spades characters are selected as representatives of different themes. For each theme 4 individuals will be published. Examples of themes are explorers, painters, entrepreneurs & inventors.


The complete collection of Heads of Cards will be released within a brief period of time and is scheduled to be fully released within two months after the first card is minted. With each release, multiple cards become available for purchase.

Total Supply

The amount and costs of the cards will variate based on the ranking: The exact amount of editions and price per card variates and will be communicated before release.

1. There are 54 unique cards in total.

2. Any of these cards will have no more than 100 editions.

3. Higher ranked cards will be limited available.

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