How to buy?

In order to buy a Head of Cards collectible, the exact amount of ADA needs to be transferred to our provided ADA wallet address. As part of placing the order the following billing details needs to be provided: – Transaction ID of your transfer. – Your (receiving) Wallet Address for us to send the Token.

Never sent ADA from an exchange wallet address or provide an exchange wallet address for receiving your Tokens!

When will I receive my order?

After your order has been placed, the Collectible will be delivered as soon as possible. Unfortunately at this moment we do not have an automated minting & delivery system available. Therefore transactions will be handled manually. Nevertheless we guarantee distribution within 24 hours after purchase.

Which wallet do i need?

Make use of any Shelley Era Cardano wallet such as Daedalus, Yoroi, Adalite or Nami, since these wallet support multi assets of Cardano. An exchange wallet does not support NFTs and should never be used for paying or receiving.


How to trade my cards?

After purchase the tokens can be send freely around. Official trading on the website will not be possible until smart contracts are available on Cardano. We strongly advise to make use of third parties, such as escrow services, and to always confirm the authenticity of collectibles with the series policy ID: 01ef3d1ce227d3eaf1403fe9a3c773d0aef7cefce119913ee9d4ef3b


Is this actually an NFT?

Strictly speaking Heads of Cards are not non-fungible tokens (NFT), since the cards are minted in bulk. The use of the word NFT has become common in the crypto community to designate similar projects. It will always be clearly communicated how many editions have been made. Fungible Tokens or Collectibles are better fit descriptions.

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