Cardano Hold'em


The game is finished. Congratulations to the winners:


What is Cardano Hold'em?

When completing any of the collections, you’ll get rewarded with an unique coin. The reward for completing a collection will be issued to all collectors by the end of the game; when the complete collection is available. (Approximately in June/July) Here is an example of the coins/chips that will be issued.

Claim your points and spot on the leaderboard via Discord or Twitter!


Have fun, earn extra NFTs (poker chips) and get rewarded ADA by winning the Cardano Hold’em competition! We will verify your collection by the end of the game. Bluffing is pointless. The game will finish after the complete collection is released, exact date will be announced (Approximately in June/July)

Available collections and points issued

* Your points for three of a kind/theme are complemented when the fourth of a kind/theme is collected.
* For straights you may use a card only once, unless all 13 cards of the Suit are collected, for which you’ll get rewarded with both Royal Flush & 2x Straight Flush.
* With a complete collection a maximum of 1720 points is achieved.

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